Beware Not to Have Bath under Several Situations

Published: 24th August 2011
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Bath could clean our bodies and make us relaxed, so it is good for our health. But in some cases, the bath would hurt you health if you do not pay attention.

Do not take bath before going to sleep. Many people are used to sleep immediately after a hot bath, but this is actually an incorrect habit. It is suitable to have a bath two hours before sleeping. Sleep often comes after the decreased temperature, but the hot bath could increase the body temperature and postpone the release of sleep hormone. If you have no other way, you can use the wet towel to cover the forehead for five minutes to return the body temperature so that you can fall asleep as soon as possible. After waking up in the morning, you can choose to have a bath of warm water to refresh our spirit and improve the nighttime sleep satisfaction.

Do not have bath after drinking alcohol. Alcohol could suppress the activity of liver function and hinder the release of glycogen. In the process of bathing, the body’s glucose consumption will increase. If people have bath after drinking alcohol, the blood sugar could not be supplemented immediately and it is prone to have symptoms of dizziness, vertigo, weakness, and even severe hypoglycemia. In addition, people often sweat during bath, the alcohol concentration in blood increases relatively and the hot water promotes the blood circulation. It often expands blood vessels, speeds up the pulse, decreases the blood pressure, increases blood viscosity and cause the incidence of heart disease and stroke. Washing hairs immediately after drinking is not good. It is likely to lead to intracranial vascular dysfunction and appear symptoms of dizziness and vomiting. Especially the elderly suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases should not use cold water to wash hairs.

Do not take a bath when people have fever. When body temperature rises to 38 ℃, the body’s energy expenditure can increase 20% and the body is relatively weak. Even without fever, people who have acute disease should not take bath in the acute phase, such as severe heart disease, high degree of anemia, uremia, hypertension above 180 mm Hg, myocardial infarction, acute nephritis, acute hepatitis and trauma.

In addition, it is not suitable to have a bath immediately after physical or mental works, or it will cause the insufficient blood supply of heart and brain, or even fainting.

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