How to Get Rid of Bromopnea by Several Ways

Published: 14th March 2011
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The smell of mouth has troubled man people especially in the public. It even causes trouble in social contact. If you want to settle this problem, you’d better to find the root and think out solutions.

Do the mouth cleaning. Bromopnea is attributable to diseases caused by the oral, such as gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, a large stones or dirt fouling. The residual of food between the teeth or in the oral cavity breaks down and produce unpleasant odors by the fermentation of anaerobic bacteria. This is why the mouth smell is usually heavier after waking up. A good oral hygiene habit is important for the elimination of bad breath.

The body heat causes bad breath and bad mood, so light diet is the basic. If the smell is foul, it is related with damp and hot symptoms of stomach and intestine. People who are suffering from great work pressure and often stay up late and eat spicy food are more vulnerable to endogenous fire. So they need to eat light diet, and avoid eating raw, cold, not digestible and fatty food. In addition, they have to drink plenty of water, eat celery, apples, citrus fruits and vegetables with crude fiber.

People with weak spleen and stomach have to promote digestions. If the food people eat accumulate in the stomach and intestines because of weak stomach and indigestion or people are suffering from chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer, they mouth will have sour odor just like the fermented food. In this case, they can take pills to protect stomach and help digestion.

Breathing smoothly is also important. Sometimes, the mouth odor is caused by lung deficiency and other respiratory diseases, such as sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and pneumonia. If there is such a bad breath, people can chew kumquat or fresh orange peel, because the orange peel contains a lot of vitamin C and essential oils. It could not only moist mouth and throat, but also relieve cough and strengthen stomach.

Chewing gum is just a temporary to change oral condition. And if people want to get rid of this trouble forever, they have to settle the problem from the root.

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