How to Say Goodbye to Cooking Fumes in Kitchen

Published: 07th June 2011
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Many people do not want to cook, and they think that the main reason is cooking fumes. Indeed, the kitchen has become the most seriously polluted room at home.

Cooking fumes contain 300 kinds of harmful substances and the most important lung carcinogen is DNP. The DNP content housewife takes in during preparing a meal in the kitchen is 188 times than outdoor. Whatís more, if people cook food in cooker with worse ventilation system and extremely low burning efficiency, the harm to health equals to smoke two packs of cigarettes. Many housewife could not bear to have unpleasant smell on their hairs, so they are often far away from kitchen.

According to the survey, the kitchen smoke pollution has become an important issue which endangers the health of women. There are over 60% of women exposing to cooking fumes for long term and the unhealthy smoke in the air can induce adverse lung cancer tissues. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the prevention of kitchen smoke pollution. In fact, there are some tips here to reduce the effect of smoke pollution.

Tip 1: The kitchen smokes has direct relationship with the oil temperature. When the oil is heated over 200 ℃, it will generate the main component of fumes acrolein, which has a strong spicy taste and strong stimulation to the nose, eyes and throat mucosa, causing rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases; when the oil temperature exceeds 300 ℃, it will not only produce acrolein, but also produce condensate, leading to chronic poisoning and induce respiratory and digestive cancer. Therefore, the effective measure to prevent fumes is to change the cooking habits. The oil temperature should not exceed 200 ℃, which could not only reduce smoke but also effectively preserve nutrition of foods.

Tip 2: It is better not to repeat using frying oil. In order to save oil, some housewives choose to repeat using oil to cook foods, but they donít know that it contains many carcinogens. Repeated heating of cooking oil not only contains carcinogenic substances, but also produces more dangerous smoke containing carcinogens.

Tip 3: Be sure to do the kitchen ventilation. Natural ventilation should be kept in kitchen, and it also needs to install good range hood. Turn on the range hood in the process of cooking dishes.
Tip 4: Try to use steaming, boiling and other cooking methods. This will reduce the amount of cooking oil and reduce the destruction of food nutrients.

I really hope my above suggestions are good for the health of housewives.

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