How to Use Fresh Leaves of Aloes to Cure Your Wound

Published: 23rd May 2011
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As we all know, aloe has special functions on beauty and wound treatment. But do you know how to use fresh leaves of aloe? Here are some common ways you can use in daily life:

Use fresh aloe vera to cover the wound. Cut a small piece of aloe leaf on the lower part and wash it. Tear off the surface of aloe leaf and apply the aloe vera evenly and gently on the disinfected wound. This approach can be used at any time and it could ensure its fresh without pollution. The treatment effect is also obvious.

Smash aloe and cover it on wound. Take out a piece of aloe and cut it into pieces. Then use the disinfected jade or stone to smash aloe into paste and cover on wound every day. After smashing, the various ingredients in mesophyll and epidermis mix completely, so the bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying effects are better. However, people should pay attention to disinfection strictly so as to avoid infection.

Dip wet cloth into aloe liquid. Cut up aloe and add two times of water; then put several pieces of sterile gauze and soak them into aloe leaf vera; cook it for 20 minutes with soft fire; pour the sterile gauze and aloevera into wild-mouth bottle to preserve with caps. When you need to use it, you can stick the gauze to the wounded pot which could absorb heat, diminish inflammation and relieve pain and itch.

Soak aloe into alcohol. Take out appropriate amount of fresh aloe; wash and crush it; soak it into pure ethanol for two weeks to extract the active ingredients of aloe; use gauze to filter out debris; pour the aloe alcohol vera into brown bottle to preserve.

Take out a piece of fresh aloe leaf which is a little bigger than the wound in size; remove small teeth on both sides of the leaves and cut into half from the parallel middle line to form two slices with mesophyll. You can apply it on the wound and wrap it with gauze.

Before you choose the above ways, you should have a test at first to see if you are sensitive to aloe. If your skins appear redness or rash, you could rinse with water immediately and stop to use this method.

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