Several Unimaginable Benefits of Gargling with Tea Water

Published: 15th March 2011
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When we watch televisions, we may often see the scenery that people rinse mouth with tea water after meal and then drink another cup of tea. It seems that rinsing mouth with water is a common daily habit to protect teeth.

Compared with other mouthwash, gargling with tea water has many unknown advantages:

Eliminate the bad breath. After rinsing with tea, 98% of people will feel fresh and comfortable and bad breath go away. The special effect of mouthwash to eliminate bad breath is far less than tea.

Prevent dental caries. Green tea contains a lot of polyphenol, which has strong scavenging effect of free radical and certain antibiosis activity. It has good inhibitory effect on the variant streptococcus which can result in dental caries. Using tea to prevent dental caries has a long history. In ancient China, there were records of the experiment process of gargle with tea water.

Prevent influenza. When people get influenza, they are often suggested to drink more tea water. Do you know why? The catechins in tea could inhibit the role of influenza virus activity. Gargle regularly with tea water could cover catechin on the oropharyngeal mucous membrane cell to prevent the combination of influenza and mucous and achieve the effect of influenza prevention.

Prevent bleeding gums. Catechins in tea can kill bacteria in the mouth and bleeding gums is mainly due to gingival inflammation. If you kill the bacteria in the mouth, gum inflammation will be reduced and blood will naturally stop.

Prevent and treat periodontitis. Periodontitis is caused by anaerobic bacteria, and the effect of common antibiosis medicine is not obvious. But the suitable concentration of tea can help inhibit the anaerobic bacteria in the mouth and play a role in the prevention and treatment of periodontitis.

Keeping the teeth health is vital to our body health. If you do not want to have no teeth in elder years, you have to take actions to protect your teeth from now on!

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