Several Ways of Drinking Milk Are Harmful to Health

Published: 13th May 2011
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Milk is the essential nutrition in daily life, but most people have errors in ways of drinking milk, which may cause nutrition loss and produce converse effect to human body. So the following mistakes should be paid attention to:

Boil milk: it is widely recognized by many people that boiling drink before drinking has sterilization function. The regular milk products sold on the market have been sterilized, so there is no need to boil again. If you really worry about it, you can boil the milk at 70 degrees Celsius for 3 minutes, or cook at 50 degrees Celsius for 6 minutes to achieve sterilization purposes. The long time boiling could cause the coking phenomenon of milk lactose and caramel can induce cancer. What’s more, calcium in the boiled milk will have phosphate sediment phenomenon. So, people just need to take the milk from the refrigerator and heat it to a suitable drinking temperature.

Milk storage: Milk should not be affected by sunlight. The study confirms that vitamin B1, B2 and vitamin C milk will soon disappear as they are exposed to light in a very short period of time. These three nutrients will break down in the sun, resulting in the loss of nutrients.

Drink milk with empty stomach: When people drink milk with empty stomach, a large number of proteins are often consumed as heat, but stomach will form a saturated phenomenon to affect food intake. It is suitable to drink milk one or two hours after breakfast and eat some starchy foods such as bread.

Add chocolate into milk: Some parents think that since the milk is high protein food and chocolate is also energy food, they can be eaten at the same time to reach better nutrition. Calcium in liquid milk would have chemical reaction with oxalate in chocolate to produce calcium oxalate. As a result, it becomes harmful substance, resulting in calcium deficiency, diarrhea, delayed growth of children, hair dry, urinary tract stones and other diseases.

Take drugs with milk: Milk contains a lot of calcium, iron and trace elements. If it is taken with drugs such as tetracycline, it can form stable complexes or insoluble salts. This not only causes the loss of milk nutrients, but also reduces the effectiveness of drugs. So it is better not to drink milk one or two hours before or after taking medicine.

If you have the above habits in drinking milk, you are suggested to correct it to keep yourself healthy.

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