Why Yogurt Is the Recommended as Best Drinks in Summer

Published: 17th October 2011
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Many people like drinking yogurt, especially for the girls. But some people feel that the dairy products could not be drunk frequently for it has the possibility to become fat. Is this opinion right? Of course not, yogurt is recommended as the best drinks in summer.

It is the best quality nutrition except breast milk, for the calcium absorption rate is the highest. Yogurt is fermented by milk, so it not only contains all nutrients in milk but also is easy to be absorbed by human body. After the fermentation, the proteins in milk are partly digested by lactic acid bacteria, so the digestion and absorption rate is extremely. One cup of yogurt could provide six grams of high quality proteins, which equals to the nutrition of an egg. The calcium and phosphorus solubility is high in milk. If people could drink 250g yogurt every day, it can be effective for them to prevent calcium deficiency. The 4.6% lactose in milk is transferred into lactic acid and other organic acids in the fermentation progress. Therefore, people who are easy to have diarrhea after drinking milk could drink yogurt without any difficulty.

In the hot summer, the raw milk is very easy to have excessive bacteria, which easily lead to the milk coagulation within quality guarantee period. With the help of lactic acid bacteria, yogurt can inhibit the bacteria to extend quality guarantee period. Meanwhile, the requirement of raw milk to make yogurt is quite high, and the poor quality milk could not produce yogurt. A lot of probiotics containing in yogurt could adjust the intestinal flora, increase the intestinal immune function, and prevent the intestinal infections. Human and animal experiments have proved that the resistance of various intestinal disease germ and bacteria increases obviously.

Appropriate intake of yogurt will not add fat. In fact, the yogurt has the function of losing weight. Firstly, yogurt expels the fat out of intestines to avoid the absorption, because the high calcium in yogurt could combine with fat in intestine to form a substance which can be easily expelled out of body. Secondly, calcium could maintain energy balance and accelerate the metabolism rate of fat burning when people are dieting. What’s more important, calcium could decrease the speed of new cells formation.

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